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Microserver Gen8 iLo4, Console freezes

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Microserver Gen8 iLo4, Console freezes


I have Microserver Gen8 with latest iLo 4 firmware 2.62, latest BIOS and all latest firmwares on other components.

I have a problem with iLo4 remote console. When I need it, I lauch it from .net or java - no difference, console freezes.

Here is the video, what I about (take a look on flash cursor, when I enter letters):

I started to make a video screen recording, and when I click "Start", there is no freezes:

As soon as I turn off the recording - the console freezes again.

This problem occurs from any PC, notebook. There is no difference between OS on endpoints.

But, on smartphones, with iLo4 app - there is no such freezes. All works fine.

Therefore, I updated all the firmware and installed the latest iLo4 2.62 firmware - no results.

What is it, i dont understand?

Thank you.

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Re: Microserver Gen8 iLo4, Console freezes

Nobody faced such problem?


Re: Microserver Gen8 iLo4, Console freezes


From the troubleshooting done so far:
- The issue is happening on both .NET or Java.
- Its working fine when recording is enabled or remote session through iLO4 mobile app

The Next step would be to isolate the Network:
Please try a peer-to-peer connection from the Laptop to the iLO port using a CAT5 cable.
Go to the Network and Sharing Centre > Change Adapter Settings > Properties > Change ipv4 Properties > Ensure that the IP address, subnet and Default gateway is in the same range as the iLO.

If Console does not freeze over Peer-to-peer - issue needs to be further diagnosd from Network perspective
If Console freezes even over Peer-to-peer - Issue needs to be further diagnosed from hardware end such as downgrading firmware or hardware replacement.

For further diagnosis, you can also reach the HPE Hardware Team for warranty support:


I am a HPE Employee