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Re: Microserver N40L Stuck at Blue Health Status Logo?

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Microserver N40L Stuck at Blue Health Status Logo?

As the title suggests....

One of my clients has a small N40L Microserver that they have been using as an onsite offloading location for files and other office related tasks. Recently, they said that the server displayed a red light within the HP Logo, signalling that there is an error with the machine. This happened after their onsite IT guy opened and tinkered with the server a bit.

I figured out the red light issue, which turned out to be the back fan connector being disconnected from the board. After a reset following this repair, the server then booted up and displayed a blue light within the HP Logo, then displaying a amber light, and then going back to blue. After it comes back to the blue light, it stays here, and, from what I can see, does not go any further than this.

We plugged a monitor onto the server to see what and if it was displaying, but it turned out that the server was not displaying anything to the screen. Nothing at all. The only thing it does with the screen is it changes the hue to signal that the screen is detecting something. We also plugged networking into the server, and the server seems to register the network just fine, but our networking systems do not recognize the server in any way. Keyboard and mouse are also plugged in, and they are receiving power.

All drives are in their respective bays, and appear to be spinning to my knowledge. We also cleaned the board and reseated the RAM in their slots to see if that would make a difference.

I am at a loss here. Is there anything I can do to get this server to POST? Anything at all? Maybe jumping a couple of the jumpers on the board?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Microserver N40L Stuck at Blue Health Status Logo?

First things tried was basic troubleshooting - different VGA cable, different power cable. No luck there so I tried with the original RAM - still no progress.

I logged a job with HP who diagnosed a motherboard fault and sent out a replacement board. After swapping the boards over I started the machine up with video and a blue (good) status light but realised the MiniSAS cable wasn't plugged in an

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Re: Microserver N40L Stuck at Blue Health Status Logo?


Good day!

May we please know if the issue is resolved now?

If not please share the Picture of the Display.

Thank you.


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Re: Microserver N40L Stuck at Blue Health Status Logo?

Alright, after a lot of head scratching, and a lot of deliberation, I finally managed to find the issue.

There was actually two issues that we found with the server.

The first issue was that the VGA port seems to have blown up some how, and thus was not displaying any signals to any monitors. We installed a low profile GPU onto the board, and now the system displays via DVI and HDMI.

The second issue was that the rear fan seems to have died on us at an unknown point. We think that was causing the issue. We replaced the fan, reconnected the fan to the board, and powered back up.

It appears all errors were released after we did the above fixes. The server now works with no issues, and has returned to service.

Thanks for all the help provided here. I really do appreciate it!