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Microserver N54L Sata Raid

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Microserver N54L Sata Raid


Lots and lots of posts about the Raid Controller on the Microserver. Mine is the N54L. Love it etc..
But decided I want Server 2012 R2 and Hypervisor. I have 4 hdd's.. 2x250gb and 2x3TB. I fancy Raid 1 on each pair. I wiped the lot with DBAN. Set up the Raid in the BIOS utility and enabled boot from the raid. All looked good. Installed 2012 R2 and go to look at the drives and see three.. one 250gb and two 3TB. I was expecting only two. The BIOS up to date (SP64420). The storage controller download on the HP site (cp020624.exe) doesn't see the onboard raid controller.
HP and AMD are no help. Anyone got any bright ideas?





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Jimmy Vance
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Re: Microserver N54L Sata Raid

The cp020624.exe download is for a Smart Array controller, which this system doesn't ship with. (I've installed Smart Arrays controllers in this server) The N54L has the embedded AMD RAID chipset and requires an AMD driver.  I see a driver for Server 2008 R2, but nothing for 2012

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Brian Milnes
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Re: Microserver N54L Sata Raid

I've just come across this and see it's a year old.

But, for the record, to get the correct drivers you have to

a) Uncheck the Show Compatible Drivers box, then choose AMD SATA Driver, or

b) Look for A-Series APU RAID Drivers on the AMD Site and install from there (N54L is Embedded RAID GPU Chip)