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Re: Microserver bay malfunction

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Microserver bay malfunction

Hi all!

Looking for advice here...

I have N36 Microserver bundled with 160 GB HDD.

The issue is that no drives are recognized in bays 1 and 2 (but hdd's spindles run fine)

Bay 0 sees fine 160GB and 3TB drives, bay 3 sees only 160GB drive.

Aparently this behavior is from the beginning (I did not use bays 1-3 for more than a year).

Drives are fine, moved between bays while box is powered off and firmly attached. Latest BIOS.


I believe this hardware issue and could be resulted by oxidation of SATA interface contacts. How to clean them safely?


Any other sugestions/experience?


Thanks in advance folks!


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Re: Microserver bay malfunction

The resolution was to add missed screws or the drive interface panel (each panel should have 2 screws but aparently assembler forgot of them). This caused SATA interface was not firmly connected to the SATA interface of the drives. Bay 0 has cables behind and that made it worked fine. To add missed drive I had to remove case fan (4 Torx 10 screws). Now everythiong works fine.