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Re: Microserver gen10 + P410

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Microserver gen10 + P410

Hello, Last year I had bought a HPE gen10 microserver as a replacement for the NAS server that was stolen from my home. I wanted to speed it up as the server feels sluggish and slow.

In an attempt to speed up the server I decided to buy a RAID controller (P410) and installed it in the server. Since then the server has been stuck in a bootloop which I can only get out of by removing the RAID controller. Is there any way for me to get this microserver setup with this P410 RAID controller?

I read online about a critical update to the BIOS of my machine, but I'm unable to download it anywhere. Not even on this site, as I have no support contract with HPE.

Please help me out!


Re: Microserver gen10 + P410


P410 controller is no supported on Microserver Gen10. The supported array controllers are listed in the quick specifications:

If you install P410 controller, it may not work with the server becuase that belongs to Gen8 servers.

For BIOS update Or downloads, you need to have a valid contract Or warranty. Here is the link to download:

Thank you



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