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Microserver gen8 and raid 5

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Microserver gen8 and raid 5



After succesfully install 3 disk (2Tb) I'm trying to build a raid 5 but inside Smart Storage Administrator I can create only a raid 0 with the three disk selected.

How can i create a raid 5?




Re: Microserver gen8 and raid 5

You can't create RAID5 with default B120i controller. Only RAID1 or RAID0. This simple functionality is provided by Intel chipset and managed by HP drivers. For RAID5 You have to buy additional RAID card.

Jimmy Vance

Re: Microserver gen8 and raid 5

To add a little more detail to the previous response. The main reason RAID 5 is not supported with the B120i is the controller as configured in the MicroServer Gen8 doesn't have a cache module.  The supported optional controller has cache, Smart Array P222 Controller part number 631667-B21. All Smart Array controller require a cache module to support RAID levels other than 0 or 1



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Re: Microserver gen8 and raid 5

Hello @mbait


Thank you Jimmy Vance for the information on the HP Smart Array P222 Controller (631667-B21), which is ideal for RAID 0/1, 10, 5, 50, and RAID 6 & 60 with additional advanced features.  You can see the RAID information on page one of the HP Smart Array P222 Controller QuickSpecs


Another option I can recommend is connecting you to an HP Sever Expert for more possible configuration or part options for your business needs.  Please let me know if you would like to proceed in this direction.

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