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Ml 110 G4 and two Adaptec 29320AR cards

Ian Dee
Occasional Contributor

Ml 110 G4 and two Adaptec 29320AR cards

The ML 110 with 2 x Adaptec 29320AR SCSI controllers in both PCI slots. Firmware version is v4.30.0 (latest)
The ML110 has the latest BIOS revision (010 – 03/05/2007)

One of the SCSI controllers has an Arena RAID plugged into it The other SCSI controller has an Overland Arcvault backup system plugged into it.

When booting up we get an error (press F1 to continue) Expansion ROM not initialized, PCI mass storage controller in SLOT1.

After pressing F1 to continue the server takes a long time to boot (+- 15mins). Once the server has booted there are errors in the event logs.
Event ID 7: The device \Device\SCSI\adpu3202, did not respond within the timeout period.

With only one of the devices plugged in (either the Arena, or Arcvault) the system works fine and no errors are present in the POST. The devices are each on their own SCSI ID.

We have disabled the CDROM and USB controllers, however the problem persists.

We have seen a technical resource on HP’s website where a ML150 was the host, however the same fix has not worked with the ML110.
We have the same setup running on an ML350 with no problems whatsoever.