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Ml150G2 - No Disks Detected

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Ml150G2 - No Disks Detected

I've got an ML150G2 (470063-049) which comes with a 36Gb SCSI disk to which I have added an HP 72Gb.

I'm attempting to install Win Svr Stnd 2003 and hitting F6 to add the SCSI drivers (Windows tells me it has them so I've tried native windows and newer HP drivers) - still Windows reports "No Hard Drives Detetcted".

I know this is a relatively simplistic question - but if anybody has a quick 5 mins to tell me which SCSI drivers I need (SCSI HDD, SCSI PCI Card, SCSI Hot Plug cage? etc etc) - I'd be very grateful!


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Re: Ml150G2 - No Disks Detected

You can visit the following site and down load the SCSI Controller drivers applicable to your server.

Does your hard drives connect to standard SCSI controller or to a Array Controller? You have to find out that before loading the drivers.