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Move 2000 installation DL380 to DL380G2

Charles Peechumuthu

Move 2000 installation DL380 to DL380G2

We have a Windows 2000 SP4 running on a Compaq Proliant DL380 (G1 ??) using two 36GB HDD in Raid 1+0 configuration.
I need to move that to a HP Proliant DL380G2 server.
I removed one of the disk and put into DL380G2 and when it boots up stops with INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DRIVE message.
DL380 has Integrated array as RAID controller and G2 has smartarray 5i. I have smart array5i driver for 2000. How do I get it installed on 2000 server and move it to DL380G2? When I try cpqsetup, it wont install saying not needed.

I created boot disk on DL380 with ntldr, ntdetect, boot.ini files and copied cpqcisse.sys driver as ntbootdd.sys and tried to boot from floppy disk on G2, still same error inaccesible disk.
Any one know if it is possible to move win 2000 installation from DL380 to DL380G2 without reinstalling. if so how ?

Kedd Guyton
Respected Contributor

Re: Move 2000 installation DL380 to DL380G2

CPQCISSM.SYS is the driver you'll need for the SA-5i. CPQCISSE.SYS is the drive event notification driver for CPQCISSM.SYS.

I have moved installations in the manner you described, but not using the hardware you have. My suggestion would be to extract the SA-5i driver to a local temporary folder, right-click CPQCISSM.INF and select install. Hopefully, that will be enough to pre-install the required driver for the migration.

Hmmm...this is of course assuming that the data structure on the disks created by the Integrated Smart Array Controller (Smart 2 Family) is compatible with the SA-5i.

One other thing to consider is whether the HAL is the same between the DL380 G1 and the DL380 G2. I don't know, but you can check Device Manager -> Computer on a working DL380 G1 and a working DL380 G2. They will need to match.

If all else fails, and the disk structure is compatible between the Integrate Smart Array Controller and the SA-5i, you can always do a Windows Repair using the SA-5i's F6/SCSI driver on a floppy.