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Moving logical arrays within b120i drive cage

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Moving logical arrays within b120i drive cage

I have a freshly built SSD running Windows Server 2019. It was built in Bay 3 of a B120i drive cage. It is set up as a single drive RAID 0 logical array. It boots fine in Bay 3.  However, I want it to be in Bay 1 (which I believe will run at full 6GB SATA speed where Bay 3 runs at 3GB.  The problem is I cannot move it and just reboot. The RAID controller does not see tghe logical array when its in Bay 1 and pressing F5 to enter SSA / ACU at boot time does nothing and F10 for Intelligent Provisioning does nothing. It just attempts to boot from CD-Rom and NIC since it cannot see my perfectly good array in Bay 1.  How can I move it?


Re: Moving logical arrays within b120i drive cage



We see that you are trying to move the HDD in Bay 0 which is a Raid 0 to Bay 1. We need to know the specifics of the server model and then check the quickspecs for the same in regards to the speeds supported. For intelligent Provisioning if it does not load then please reflash the IP recovery and then check. If issue persists then log a case with us.




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