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Re: Multiple Drive Failure

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Multiple Drive Failure

DL380 G3 Server
Smart Array 5i
RAID 5 Configuration

Suddenly had 2 drives showing predictive failure alert. Replaced one drive to start rebuild. Approximately 1 1/2 hours later a third drive completely failed bringing the system down.

I do not believe that this was drive failure as I have been able to move the entire array to another server of the same type and bring the system up and verify data integrity. I replaced the failed drive and let it rebuild, then replaced the 2nd drive showing a predictive failure and let it rebuild.

I now want to determine the cause of the original failure. Does anyone have any suggestions how I should diagnose this issue?

Jerry Young
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Re: Multiple Drive Failure

Hello John, this does sound strange but at least you were able to save your data! The first things I would look at are the RAID Controller and also the backplane that the drives plug into. Possibly download and install the latest firmware CD (8.60 depending on the o/s) for your DL380. Again depending on the O/S installed review the System Management Homepage and iLO (if licensed and configured).