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My Continuing Adventures with Proliant ML370 G1

Mark Elder
Occasional Advisor

My Continuing Adventures with Proliant ML370 G1

Hey All

I still can't get this server to boot from CD. I ran latest version of System Erase 1.70a. After a cold boot the server should boot to Smart Start 5.50 from the CD.
Note that I have tried setting the CD Jumper to Slave and C/S which seems to have no effect. I know the CDROM works because I took it right out of another server.

It doesn't actually do this but does bring up a dos menu asking me what operating system do I want to install - I select W2000 and the server restarts but then doesn't do anything else except bring up a "non system disk or disk error"

I have tried booting with SmartStart CDs for V5.50, 6.30 and 7.10 - no efect.

The server has been flashed with the latest available P17 BIOS.

I have tried creating W2000 boot disks and trying to boot into W2000 install but I get a non system disk or disk error after the server goes through its initial startup routines before scanning for CDROM and Floppy drives.

HELP! - running out of things to try here.

Server pass a full set of diagnostic tests with flying colors.