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[N40L] TPM connector pin-out / LPC port

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[N40L] TPM connector pin-out / LPC port


I've recently bought an HP Microserver N40L and it works great.
Due to legacy hardware / software, I need to have a serial port (and parallel as well if possible).
Of course, I could do it with a couple of appropriate USB adapters.


But I thougt of something more "original": to make use of the LPC port available on the motherboard (if I'm not mistaken about this LPC thing).
By LPC port, I mean the port for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a black 20-pin connector located at the front of the motherboard.
I would then connect an "I/O expansion board" to this port, like the one provided by Shuttle:
It's basically a Super I/O chip, that also makes use of a 20-pin connector -- but those pins are not ordered the same apparently.


That's why I'm looking for the pin-out of the TPM connector on the N40L motherboard. I've really exhausted all my Google fu to find this particular piece of information...
At least, if I could have a back/front hi-res picture of the HP TPM module board (ref 488069-B21), I might be able to determine what's the role of each pin.
Here's the kind of information I've found about other TPM modules:
It clearly shows the pin assignement, related to the LPC bus, etc.


Thanks for your help!