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N54L mirror configuration

Charles-Andre Belanger
Occasional Contributor

N54L mirror configuration



In my N54l, I have 2 x 2tb in raid 1 configured and I would like to know if I could add 2 x 4tb in raid 1


I know that in the N54l the max size in the cold swap bay is 4 x 2 tb (8 tb), in my case, because of the raid 1 configuration, I'm under the 8 tb ( 2 x 2tb raid 1 + 2 x 4tb raid 1 = 6 tb total)


can some one confirm me that it's ok to do it?


thanks for your help and time

Jimmy Vance

Re: N54L mirror configuration

I think the 8TB limit was set at the time the N545L started shipping, as the largest drives at the time were probably 2TB.  The ROM may not support 4TB drives unless it has been addresses in a ROM update

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