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NC373i hates Gigabit

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NC373i hates Gigabit


I have a DL360 G5 running Server 2008 64-bit with the NC373i NICs as a domain controller. When our switch port and card are both set to gigabit, the card refuses to connect. When the switch port is Auto or Gig and the card is set to Auto/Auto it connects at 100/Full and has horrendous transfer speeds. While copying a 5 meg file the other day to the server it took 10 minutes.

I've already disabled chimney offloading, receive side scaling and anything else I can think of.

I have driver, 1.9.6 firmware, HP58 BIOS, and the HP NIC configuration app loaded.

I've seen some DL380 threads about similar problems, but none of the fixes for those folks has helped so far.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: NC373i hates Gigabit

Hello, there are certain things we need to verify but first, please go ahead and install the latest versions:

Driver (C) (4 Feb 2009)

Firmware (B) (4 Feb 2009)

Network Configuration Utility (4 Feb 2009)

What type of network teaming have you set in this box?
Have you tried without teaming? Does the server refuses to connect at 1GB even when the ports are not teamed?

Certain types of teamin DO required switch configuration otherwise the connection will be either lost or really bad.

Try using these new updates and try NOT teaming the ports and test to see if they connect at 1GB if they do so and then when teamed they refuse to accept 1GB then definetly you have a unsupported switch or an usuported switch configuration for the type of teaming you are atempting.

You heve a question... I have an aswer!!!
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Re: NC373i hates Gigabit

I am not using nor wanting to use any teaming. The 2nd NIC is disabled. I'll try the updates and see if it gets any better.
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Re: NC373i hates Gigabit

Verify duplex mode on both switch and card

Check /replace network cable.

Good luck.