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NEED HELP FAST! Netserver LH3r Problem (Won't Start)

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NEED HELP FAST! Netserver LH3r Problem (Won't Start)

Hello everyone,

I have a Hp Netserver LH3r. It has 11 hard drives hooked up with on port still open. I have a diagram posted below. I was taking out a hard drive that failed and one that was not responding. When I come to turn back on my LH3r the LH3r will start up but it will not show anything on the monitor or the show that the mouse and keyboard as working. I can tell that it is going through it's post(I think so) What order should i have my hard drives or what is going on? If you have any questions please ask.

*current HP Netserver LH3r hard drive configuration.

Thank you very much

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Re: NEED HELP FAST! Netserver LH3r Problem (Won't Start)

If you still using the oldies LH3,
Please clear the cmos first, before repower on the system.
--< pos. already death
--> pos. firmware upgrade
---> same firmware
All 9GB you need to check first !!!!!! before start !!!

No need to frightened to loss data, because you can pick this up later if NOT INITAIALIZED !!!!!!!!
What ctroler ? controler onboard useD ?
exact config please ..