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Net users (name) /active:no

Spader Rodriguez
New Member

Net users (name) /active:no

I need help with my compaq because i purposely put in a code in the compaq command prompt. This is what i wrote, my compaq is an 1998-1999 compyright. This is the Code i Put in. Net Users (name) /active:no

i know whAT TO do to fix it. the way to fix it would be the same code but take away the no and put a yes.

And i did the name with every account and when i logged off there were no accounts in the log in screen. i figured that it hid the accounts.

so than i decided to press f8 when the thing loads and went to safe mode with command prompt. i would think that everything would be alright but than actually it wouldnt show the command prompt. so now i need help to get the hidden accounts back. What should i do