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NetRAID on Netserver LP 2000r

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NetRAID on Netserver LP 2000r

I’m struggling trying to bring an HP Netserver LP 2000r back to life. Personally, I’m a novice at server administration. This server was the passive node in an MS cluster. It used a RAID5 array which it shared with the active node. I recently completed rebuilding it to the point where I’ve reinstalled Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I formatted both internal SCSI hard drives as C and D (pagefile). To my disappointment, when the box boots to the OS, it does not show the RAID array, although on post I can do a Ctrl. M and see it in NetRaid utility. Why can I not see this outboard disk array in Windows? What did I miss when I reinstalled the OS? Are there some drivers, other than the SCSI drivers, that I somehow forgot to install? Is there RAID software that I need to put on the box to allow the OS to see the RAID array. Bear in mind that the RAID array is functioning just find as the primary clustered server looks at/uses it. I don’t want to reconfigure it; I just want this rebuilt box to be able to see it. Without being able to “mount” these arrays, I’ll not be able to reinstall the software (RightFax).

Installed are: NetRAID 2-M Controller; NetRAID Adapter SCSI Component; and two Symbios Ultra3 PCI SCSI Adapter 53C1010-33 Devices. I’m not sure how all this hooks together unfortunately.

One problem: I don’t think I have NetRAID Config installed. Do I need it? Where do I get it?

Can anyone get me started on the right path to get this box to see the RAID array? ~Dane

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Sean T. Craig
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Re: NetRAID on Netserver LP 2000r

Hi Dane,

Start by installing the NetRAID Assistant from here:
The executable will extract some files, just run setup.exe after that and choose the default options.

My suspicion is that the drives are there but there's something with the clusterring that needs to be setup.

HP has a cluster support department for Netservers who may be able to help you with that side of it. I don't know the direct line but if you call 1-800-474-6836 and say Netserver, they will start a case for you and transfer you to the cluster support team. Let them go through creating the case, though, in case there is something they can do. They will need to make sure that it is a cluster issue before transferring you.
I don't know if cluster support is open on the weekends, you may need to wait until Monday.

Hope this helps,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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Re: NetRAID on Netserver LP 2000r

Thanks, Sean. I am in touch now with the clustering group. NetRAID Asst. is installed. Appreciate the feedback.