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NetRaid Assistant & Navigator CD

A.J. Budge-Reid
Occasional Advisor

NetRaid Assistant & Navigator CD

In trouble here with Netserver LH4. It had been doing sterling service but has been off for a while. I want to bring it back to work and now I have problems which could possibly be firmware or drive issues. I am getting strange error messages about illegal partitions being reported by VCU and thought I would do a thorough check with diagnostics and possibly LLF. on suspect drive/s?

All the original kit such as Navigator CD and Tools have gone awol a long time ago. What is still available for download please? If not available could somebody please advise or recommend alternative tools.

The NetRaid configuration tool (Ctrl-M)has a format option which may be OK for the LVD drives in the hot swap cage but I also have a single non hot swap drive installed and it is one also being reported as having illegal entries in partition table even after I have cleared all OS partitions.

Any advice greatly appreciated.
Tristan Vander Auwera
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Re: NetRaid Assistant & Navigator CD


All Software (drivers, utilities, etc...) components are individually available on
For the NetRAID config, a low level format of the HDD is not required. A clear controller configuration is enough (via CTRL-M). Then recreate RAID's and arrays as needed.