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NetRaid Problem in Nerserver LH2000

Tiago Mendonca
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NetRaid Problem in Nerserver LH2000


I have a NetServer LH2000 in a RAID5 with 2 disk broken.
The raid was implemented by hardware.
The backup??s aren??t actualized.
If it was one disk broken i can resolve the problem.
Anyone knows a way of resolving this problem with 2 disks.

Best regards

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Re: NetRaid Problem in Nerserver LH2000

There isn't a way. When a RAID 5 loses 2 HDD, it is done. Are you sure the drives are both dead? Can you view the properties of the drives using CTRL-M? If they show capacity, then they aren't failed, they are just offline. Try forcing just one of the two online and see if you canboot and see your data. If it doesn't work, fail the one you just forced online and force the other drive online. Try to boot and see the data. If both show no capacity, then your data is gone.