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NetServer E 50 - Powering Up Problem & Few Questions

T.J. Tucker
New Member

NetServer E 50 - Powering Up Problem & Few Questions

Ok, here's the deal. I bought a NetServer E 50 machine used and have been setting it up over the past week or so. I have a 6 GB IDE Drive installed on the Primary IDE channel with Win2k installed. The NetRaid SCSI Adapter was not being seen by the machine nor were the SCSI drive or Tape Drive that comes with the machine. I E-mailed Tech Support to track down the correct driver for the NetRaid 1Si card it has and was in the process of installing it and getting that working (or determining if the adapter was bad).

I shut the machine down the other morning before heading off to work without any problems, came home from work and went to work on it again. The machine will not power up. The Red LED on the SCSI NetRaid card blinks and the Green Power LED on the front of the case blinks like once every four seconds. I went through and checked to make sure all connections were secure and firm, same thing. I reseatted the LAN and NetRaid cards. Same. I removed the NetRaid Card along with the SCSI cabling figuring it might be that the SCSI adapter was faulty. Sill nothing.

Now I know that the Blinking Green Power LED has to mean something as far as diagnostics goes to tell me what the problem is, but I can only find guides on displayed Error Codes and Beep Codes. Does anyone know what this code would be? Any ideas on what could be preventing it from powering up? (Last thing installed was the correct NetRaid driver but was reporting it was not working correctly in the Device Manager, Adapter removed since and have no access obviously to remove driver).

Also, got three questions. Kinda of all related in a way to each other. 1) Can I take the SCSI adapter out and just go all IDE? 2) There's a cable that goes from the machine power button to the NetRaid adapter. This is just to power the adapter or is it needed for proper start up (and could be the solution to the problem)? 3) I noticed that while removing the SCSI cabling that the SureStore T4i drive has a IDE to SCSI converter on it. Does this mean I could put the TapeDrive on an IDE channel and have it work without a problem (if question 1 is possible that is)?

Thanx in advance for any solutions/answers to my questions anyone has. I've e-mailed Tech Support about this the other day, but haven't heard anything back from them yet.