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Re: NetServer E60 and dual cpu PIII 600E

Panasenko Vladimir
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NetServer E60 and dual cpu PIII 600E

Have NetServer E60 with PII 450. Want to install 2 CPU PIII 600E. With one CPU PIII 600E works, but with 2 does not work. Why?
Thank you.
Sean T. Craig
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Re: NetServer E60 and dual cpu PIII 600E


Which operating system are you running. If both of these CPU's are supported for this server and both are functioning, then the likely cause is that you do not have the multi-processor HAL installed. With Windows NT, you need to run a utility called UPTOMP.exe. In Windows 2000, go to the Device Manager and look under "Computer". The correct entry would be ACPI Multiprocessor PC. If it's not, go into the properties and update the driver.

Let us know how it goes and assign points as warranted.

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