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Re: NetServer E800 - High shreiking beeping noise

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NetServer E800 - High shreiking beeping noise

I was given the NetServer E800. I formatted into window xp and everything worked well for a while until I opened up the cover. I opened up the cover and realize that there are two hard drives inside. I removed one of the hard drives and turned the computer on to see which hard drive actually has window xp installed. Well, the first test didn't work so I inserted the other one back. When I turned on the computer again (both hard drives are connected), there is a high shreiking beeping noise coming out, beeping continuously. The computer is still operating normal, but somehow the unbearable noise won't go away. Does anyone know why?

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Re: NetServer E800 - High shreiking beeping noise

Could it be that the system has a NetRAID array controller ? It will beep if a drive fails (or is removed).

If there is a NetRAID controller then you should see a message during POST to press CTRL-M. There you can access a menu where you can configure the controller (incl turn off alarm)