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NetServer LC3 Microcode Error

Shane Matthews
New Member

NetServer LC3 Microcode Error

We recently got given 3 LC3's and we decided to upgrade the 500MHZ P3's to 1GHZ P3's, after installing them it gave a microcode error and said to upgrade the BIOS which we did, now it still gives a microcode error, has anyone come accross this and if so how do i solve it?
Sean T. Craig
Honored Contributor

Re: NetServer LC3 Microcode Error

Hi Shane,

What are the specs of the CPU's you installed. This server only supports upto 550MHz CPU's running 100MHz front side bus. This is probably a major contributing factor to your problems.

What I can tell you is that if you can install and run Windows, you don't need to worry about the microcode error, it will merely be cosmetic at that point. However, if you are unable to install or run Windows, you will need to replace the CPU's with supported, 100MHz FSB, Deschutes or Katmai processors.

Now, regarding the DIP Switch Settings: there are none for 1GHz for this server. Documentation shows only upto 550MHz but by using the given information, you can deduce that setting DIP Switches 1-4 ON, it should give you an operating frequency of 950MHz.

Here's how I came up with that:
Binary - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Frequency
- 2 -- Off - Off - On - Off - 300MHz
- 3 -- Off - Off - On - On - 350MHz
- 4 -- Off - On - Off - Off - 400MHz
- 5 -- Off - On - Off - On - 450MHz
- 6 -- Off - On - On - Off - 500MHz
- 7 -- Off - On - On - On - 550MHz
- 8 -- On - Off - Off - Off - 600MHz
- 9 -- On - Off - Off - On - 650MHz
- 10 - On - Off - On - Off - 700MHz
- 11 - On - Off - On - On - 750MHz
- 12 - On - On - Off - Off - 800MHz
- 13 - On - On - Off - On - 850MHz
- 14 - On - On - On - Off - 900MHz
- 15 - On - On - On - On - 950MHz

Now, if you are running a 133MHz FSB CPU, the advertised speed is only if you're system board is running at 133. At 100MHz, you'll only get 75% of the advertised speed. Thus, if you were able to set the DIP Switches to 1GHz, the CPU would only run at 750MHz. Because the DIP Switches only go upto 950MHz, the actual operating frequency would be 712.5MHz

Just as an afterthought; after you updated the BIOS, did you clear the CMOS? You can do that one of 2 ways:
1. Power down and move DIP Switch 5 to the ON Position, power up the server and wait for the message instructing you to move the switch back, then do so.
2. Use (instead of F2) to access the Advanced CMOS Settings and choose "Clear System Configuration and Exit Setup" from the Exit Menu.

In both cases, be sure to go back into Setup and load default values with .

Keep us updated with your findings,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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Shane Matthews
New Member

Re: NetServer LC3 Microcode Error

Well i tried the jumper settings suggested above after clearing the CMOS settings it still reads as being a 700MHz, also forgot to note that the microcode error says its missiong something for P2 processors but it had P3's in it before and they worked, it doesn't want to boot past the windows 2000 boot screen but doesn't get to windows.