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NetServer LH3 model D4998-8021, memory


NetServer LH3 model D4998-8021, memory

Hello to all of you. I have the following situation. I have the prety old NetServer LH3 model D4998-8021 still working, and working properly, it's doing absolutely fine, but has only 128 MB of RAM in two slots with 64 MB DIM in each slots, I already have two extra slots. I've lost the manuals long ago, and I'm kind of desperate looking for information about this server.

For example: ¿how many memory modules can I add to the main board and wich kind? and ¿what about the size?, ¿got to be equal for each module?, if I could I would love to add at least 4 modules of 256 MB of RAM:

I thank you in advance for your kind attentions and send you my cordial regards.

Buenrostro Juan.
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Re: NetServer LH3 model D4998-8021, memory

LH3 has 1GB maximum capacity
See attached LH3 specifications for details