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NetServer LH3

Eduardo Banzuela
Occasional Visitor

NetServer LH3

Dear All,

I am going to upgrade my Netserver LH3 Disks.

Curently I have:

3 X 18.2 GB SCSI drive on the mass storage shelve.


Can I use non HP SCSI Drives?
Can the Integrated HP NetRAID supports expansion of my current RAID 5?
Can i still add another array of RAID five having two RAID 5?

Can I use disks which are more that 18.2 Gb?

thank you very much in advance.
Honored Contributor

Re: NetServer LH3

1. It is possible, but not supported by HP.
2. Yes, expansion is possible with the onboard controller of the LH3.
3. You can have up to 8 arrays with the controller in the system.
4. Yes you can use larger HDDs. I would recommend adding a new array if you plan on using larger HDDs.