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NetServer LP 2000r won't install Windows 2003

Chris Thatcher
Occasional Contributor

NetServer LP 2000r won't install Windows 2003

I just purchased two used NetServers. I went to install Windows Server 2003 and it froze at the first screen that says "Setup is starting Windows". I went through and slip streamed the RAID drivers onto the install disc but it still gave me the error. (I don't have the choice of making a floppy because none of my desktops are equipped with a floppy disk drive.

I know very little about these systems. I know they are equipped with dual P3 1ghz CPU's and when it boots I have the option to press control+c to enter Symbios which is where I was able to locate the 3 hard drives installed and format them. (Don't know if that may help identify what the possible driver might be).

On a related note, when I pressed control+c I was unable to find anything that I've seen in the past related to setting up what kind of raid I want with the drives. I don't know if there's a PDF manual that might help or not. I've been looking on the internet for a few hours and thought I might find someone here that knows the computer well enough to give some advice.
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: NetServer LP 2000r won't install Windows 2003


there is no raid (Netraid) controller build on the systemboard of the LP2000r server.

From what you have seen by pressing CTRL C, the 3 disks are connected to the onboard SymBIOS SCSI controller, so most likely you don't have a hardware RAID controler card, or it is not connected to the hard disk backplane at this time. So check to see if you have a PCI card installed that is a raid controller.

W2K3 is not supported on those servers, but it should work.
Not sure why it hangs, do both hang at the same stage ? Tried other CD ?