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NetServer lp1000r Original Software

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NetServer lp1000r Original Software

Does anyone know if it is still possible to get a copy of the CD media that would have originally come with a lp1000r server?

The Downloads section has about a zillion individual pieces to download, and I'm not sure which I need, or want.

Barring that, the minimum I need is the get the Symbios Logic RAID controller setup to make an array out of my three drives. What would I need to accomplish at least that.

I have the NetRaid Config Util on Floppy, but it seems to need to run under windows, but by the time Windows is installed, it seems a bit late to create an array.

Any input?
Sean T. Craig
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Re: NetServer lp1000r Original Software

Hi Kirby,

Welcome to the forums. The CD you're thinking of is called the Netserver Navigator. They are no longer available from HP, nor are they required.

You're combining 2 controllers when you say "Symbios Logic RAID Controller". The Symbios Logic controller is a standard ultra-3 SCSI controller embedded on the system board of this server. The HP NetRAID Card is a PCI RAID Controller.

You can configure your array by going into M when it prompts you during POST and then configure your array from there.

Then you need to install the O/S but you will need to specify the driver during setup. To download the driver, you will need to know which NetRAID Controller you have.

Also, there are a lot of steps to go through and it would probably be easier for you to call HP Support at 1-800-474-6836 and say "Netserver" at the prompt. The friendly support staff there will be happy to walk you through right up to the point where the driver is specified and the O/S is loading.

HP currently provides free phone support on the Netserver LP1000r, just be sure to have your serial number ready. You can find it inside the right-hand drive cage and will be 10 characters, likely starting with "US"

Hope this is helpful,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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kris rombauts
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Re: NetServer lp1000r Original Software

Hi Kirby,

just adding a short note here, the LP1000r does not come standard with a build in raid controller, only a normal SCSI controller on the main board.

So if you do not have a Netraid card installed in the PCI slot, you cannot build a hardware RAID configuration since the Symbios controllers are just normal SCSI controllers.

Their are few drivers you'd need to add for a Windows installation (assuming you talk Windows here), most are buildin and booting from the w2k cd should bring you up and running afte which you can then update the drives for video/LAN card and SCSI to the last ones available.
If that does now work out, then the SCSI driver for the embedded Symbios or Netraid would be the ones to provide on a floppy and load up via F6 in the setup procedure.