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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but i have a question.

I have a netraid (type unknown) from HP and i have 3 10000 rpm scsi harddrives.

i want to install the netraid with 2 of the hdd's in to my own computer because the server doesn't work anymore..

I want to know how to do this

Thank you
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Re: Netraid

yes, you can do this.
Netraid is a pci card and you can install in any PIII or PIV server or compatible pc and connect this hdd´s setting it with appropriate ID. The driver that you need depends if you want to use W2000, XP or Windows Server OS.
Sean T. Craig
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Re: Netraid

Hi Thomas,

Post the HP Part Number of the NetRAID controller and we'll respond with a link to the driver you need for it. It will also help if you include the O/S you're running.

Let us know,

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