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Netserver E 30 - Just want to open case!

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Netserver E 30 - Just want to open case!


There is an old Netserver E 30 that has a fan going bad. I just want to open up the case to get to the fan. There are two hinged latches on the sides of the front bezel that I "pull out", but it doesn't seem to release much of anything. The front bezel if FIRMLY attached to the case. There are other PCs that the front bezel simply pulls off, but this is so firmly attached that I feel I will need to demolish the front bezel to get it off. There are no screws that I can see.

I have been on the HP web site, and the only manuals available deal with software. I cannot find any hardware manuals.

Please help!!


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Re: Netserver E 30 - Just want to open case!


Yous should not have to remove the front bexel to get to the fan. You will need to get inside the server chassis.

Try removing the screws from the back of the server and remove the chassis cover. Once you do that you should be able to tell if the latches are able to release the front bezel.

Hope this helps.