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Netserver E 800 Problem


Netserver E 800 Problem

I have a Netserver E 800 with Win 2000 server as a member domain controler.
I restart the pc , and after that I couldn't pass the posts at BIOS. I mean after counting the memory and without any beeps, it restarts without trying to read from the hd. I called the supporting technician and check the cpu (ok), the memories (ok), and took the pc to the lab and she said that the problem is at the motherboard. She search if there is a new mb available for replacing and now she tells me that the E 800 series is not supported and could not find a mb from HP.
My country is Greece.

1) The Netserver E 800 series comes with a standard motherboard or it varies ?

2) Another company shaid that can find in two weeks the mb for the E 800 and I wonder if we talk about the same mb.

3) IF found the exact mb and there is no other problem (including the HD), will the server work without installing from the start the OS ?