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Netserver E800 CPU

Eric Crane
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Netserver E800 CPU

The E800 I have supports 2 processors, but only has 1 and a blank installed. Does anyone know what processor is in this machine? Where can I get one?
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Re: Netserver E800 CPU

Hi Eric,

This are the supported processors on this server and their HP part#

1. 1 GHz P2597A Pentium III / 256kb FCA Cache
2. 733 MHz P1769A Pentium III / 256kb Cache
3. 800 MHz P1770A Pentium III / 256kb Cache
4. 866 MHz P2464A Pentium III / 256kb Cache
5. 933 MHz P2585A Pentium III / 256kb S1 Cache

Since you are from USA you can call 1-800-538-8787 and Options 3 then Option 1 to order them (the number is HP parts direct phone#)

Amha Kassa