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Netserver E800 IDE disk?

Nuno Castanheira
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Netserver E800 IDE disk?


I have a Netserver E800, is it possible to install a IDE disk (250GB) and make it my secondary disk?
The SCASI disk will work as primary with this one installed?

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Re: Netserver E800 IDE disk?


No. I do not believe that the on-board IDE controller supports disk drives, just CD-ROM and other similar-type devices. This server is built on the foundation of using SCSI disks either as standalone or in a RAID configuration.

Hope this helps.
Dante Requiz
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Re: Netserver E800 IDE disk?

In case this is still unresolved. I have installed 2 400Gb disk mirrored on our E800. Our initial problem was the maximum allowable partition size of 128GB (or 137GB. This was resolved by downloading from seagate to enable 48bitLBA for volumes greater that 137GB. I am assuming that you are running a window2000 or higher OS. After enabling 48bit LBA the disk manager recognizes the correct size of your disk.

For references:;en-us;305098