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Netserver E800 and IDE

Daniel Bouman
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Netserver E800 and IDE

I just aquired an old Netserver E800 but I have a problem with it. I received it without SCSI disks and since I use it as a home server I plugged in a IDE drive (WD 20GB) and a new dvdrom drive. Seperately connected the system sees or the harddisk or the dvdrom. Together they do not work :-(. According to the manual the second IDE channel is not supported but I encountered these problems with everything on the first channel (master and slave settings).

I also tried a seperate IDE PCI card (ata100) in slot 5 but this resulted in a couple of nice bios errors :'(

Does someone know how I can still enjoy this dual cpu server without buying expensive SCSI disks?
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Re: Netserver E800 and IDE


This server does not support IDE drives! You can spend a lot of cycles trying to do this but you will end up with the same result. The IDE channels are for the DVD/CD-ROMs only.

You can find some inexpensve disks on e-bay or (I prefer) remarketed (used) HP SCSI drives. BTW, you will get much better performance with SCSI drives.

Hope this helps.

Ed Custers
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Re: Netserver E800 and IDE

although this system doesn't support ide hdd drives i got mine E800 working without a scsi hdd drive but with a scsi tape streamer on HBA 0 and an ide hdd on the second ide controller. the ide hdd is configured as master on the second ide controller. no other device attached to the second controller. the ide hdd is a quantum fireball CX 10,2 Gb. I got no other drive to test with, but maybe you can give it a try with your ide hdd on the second ide bus, drive configured as master.