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Netserver LC 2000 can’t boot

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Netserver LC 2000 can’t boot

I have a net server lc 2000 that can’t boot from anything (floppy, cd).
System has a raid 5 with 1si controller.
My tape backup died and after reboot the PC defaults to a blinking cursor after initial post. I can’t get the system to boot from CD or Floppy. Bios has floppy seek enabled and CD is the only device on IDE1.
Has anybody seen this before and have a few suggestions?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

kris rombauts
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Re: Netserver LC 2000


open the server and locate the 'clear config' dip switch, change it from position and power the server up untill it does its POST.
Switch off again, change switch to original position and power up again.

If this does not help make sure the Netraid 1Si does not report any errors at bootup (i.e. does it still see the logical drive it had configured on the disks ?)

Try booting of a Windows cd and start a installation to the point where it checks for previous installations. Or try a bootable DOS floppy and run fdisk to see if the file system looks ok (partitions available ?), if not something went corrupt i.e. and you need a reinstallation of the OS.

just some thoughts ...



Re: Netserver LC 2000


do you have your Symbios SCSI controller enabled with no device attached to it? I figured this out myself. When you have the Symbios SCSI controller enabled with no device attached the system wont boot or boot bad into anything. If so, try disabling it by pressing CTRL+C when prompted at boot.


Koen van Blijderveen