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Netserver LC2000r with NetRAID 2M - black screen

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Netserver LC2000r with NetRAID 2M - black screen

I've got a Netserver LC2000r (D9165A) that I just purchased a brand new NetRAID 2M card (P3475A) for.

On the initial bootup with NetRAID card, the server hung. I shut the machine down and attempted to reboot. Now, with every attempted reboot - the screen is black. I swapped out monitors suspecting that was the problem. No luck. I added a PCI video card and got the same results.

I even tried clearing the CMOS and the emergency recovery option via the dip switches on the motherboard to no avail.

Only when I remove the new NetRAID card, the server boots fine. I can't determine if my problem is a bad card, or possible conflict of some sort. What colors should the lights on the NetRAID card be? Mine are all red.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.