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Netserver LH Pro boot troubles

Shane Estelle
New Member

Netserver LH Pro boot troubles

Hello, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out because I'm stumped.

I have a Netserver LH Pro that I was booting from a drive in the RAID array. I've now added a drive to the internal SCSI controller to boot from and configured the hot-swap drives as a RAID 5 array. Installation seems to go fine, but when I reboot it can't seem to make it past the MBR or the drive I added.

If I install a boot manager, that runs but won't continue on to the boot partition. I get the same results with both FreeBSD and Redhat Linux. The drive I'm using is 9GB with over 5000 cylinders, could that be the problem? I didn't think that would be an issue with the SCSI controller, or even matter as long as the boot partition was within the first 1024 cylinders... but I'm afraid I'm out of guesses. :-/