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Netserver LH3000r - HDD LED indicators showing solid red

Kathleen Vitaris
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Netserver LH3000r - HDD LED indicators showing solid red


We recently experienced a power outage and yesterday we noted that all 3 of the Netserver HDD LED's are solid red. The Installation guide for this server indicates that this is a 12V fault. This server has two power supplies that are connected to a APC 3000 rack mount UPS that is not overloaded. The servers were recently connected to the UPS though and were not configured - so that during the power outage they shut down hard.

I would be grateful for any ideas.

Thank you,


kris rombauts
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Re: Netserver LH3000r - HDD LED indicators showing solid red


for more detail on the issue,you might want to check:

- the Instant TopTools management pages (if
installed) provide a fan/power supply
voltages detail.

- the hardware log (SEL) which can be viewed
via local toptools also.

- Windows system and application log will
contain entries from the TopTools agents

- log into the toptools remote control
card (TTRC) if you happen to have that
option installed, this will also provide
a page with a total over view of all
power supply voltages and fans status and
SEL log contents etc.

If no instant toptools is installed, have a look here and download it, i am assuming you run Windows, lok at system management on the URL below :


Sean T. Craig
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Re: Netserver LH3000r - HDD LED indicators showing solid red

Hi Kathy,

Red LED's on your hard drives are not an indication of a 12V fault; it means that the drives are in a logically failed state. This will sometimes happen with power failures. Especially if the controller initializes before the drives are finished spinning up.
Here's what you need to do:
If you are certain that there were no red LED's on before, go into NetRAID Express Tools by pressing M at post. You should see a message about your logical drives being failed. Also, look for a message about a Configuration Mismatch or an Unresolved Mismatch.

1. If there is no mismatch, choose Objects-->Physical Drive and it should show your drives as being Failed. Press on each drive and choose "Make Online". out and boot the server normally.

2. If there is a Configuration Mismatch between NVRAM and Disks, choose Configure-->View/Add/Delete Configuration-->Disk Config. It should show all the drives online. out and select "Yes" to save. Boot the server normally.

3. If there is an Unresolved Configuration Mismatch, then there is a problem with the scratch pad on one or more of your disks. Go into Objects-->Physical Drive and see what state the drives are in. If they are all Failed, complete step 1 above and restart the server. See if the message goes away. If so, boot normally, if not, you need to figure out which drive has the bad scratch pad. Go back into Objects-->Physical Drive and fail the first drive. Restart and if the message is still there, go back in and make the first drive online and fail the second one. Do this until the message is cleared. Boot the server normally and then start a rebuild on the failed drive.

Let us know how that works for you,

Sean T. Craig Sr. C.E.T., M.C.P.

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Kathleen Vitaris
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Re: Netserver LH3000r - HDD LED indicators showing solid red

Thank you for your quick response. I will give this a try and let you all know the result.

Kathleen Vitaris
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Re: Netserver LH3000r - HDD LED indicators showing solid red

Thank you Sean,

Here is what we did and the resolution to the solid red led's.
Diagnosed drive problem idicated by red LED's on drive array following instructions provided by HP technical support. Using HP's utility all drives checked OK and online and no error messages indicated. Exited utility and rebooted server and error remained.
Cold booted the server and error cleared.

Not sure why the cold boot evenually cleared it...but I want to thank both of you for excellent feedback.