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Netserver LH3000r with battery problem.

Michael Wiley_1
New Member

Netserver LH3000r with battery problem.

Our server logged an event ID 1 with the message "Device\HPN0: Battery needs reconditioning"

Which battery is this, the one on the system board? or somewhere on the RAID array. I assume I need to replace it, or do I need to do something different?
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: Netserver LH3000r with battery problem.

Hi Michael,

if the source of this event if HPNx then this means it comes from a Netraid 4M, not the embedded Netraid controller.

So you need to use the utility called FAST to recondition the battery, if this comes back then indeed the battery needs replacement.

In the FAST, choose View, Controller View
and right click the controller , then properties and their you can recondition the battery manually. If this need to be scheduled you can do it also in a batch file, have a look at the help or manual for details on that.