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Netserver LPR: disabling RAID

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Jerry Azevedo_1
New Member

Netserver LPR: disabling RAID

We are no longer using this computer as a server; instead, we are using it as an ordinary workstation running Windows XP Pro. We're having trouble with frequent hangs, and we suspect (though can't be sure) it has something to do with the RAID, which runs on the two 9GB SCSI drives. We tried disabling RAID, but then we couldn't boot and install the operating system, so we left it enabled. However, the frequent hangs make this machine frustrating at best.

Has anyone had this problem? Solutions?

Thorsten Jalas
Frequent Advisor

Re: Netserver LPR: disabling RAID

So you still use the SCSI drives ?
And you still have them connected to the RAID controller ?

Of course you cannot disable the RAID controller then.

BUT: Does the LPR have an "ordinary" SCSI controller (embedded) too ?
Then you may connet the drives to that controller - you may have to change the cabeling.
Disable the RAID controller.
Have the drivers for the SYSI controller ready.
Reinstall Windows XP.
Press F6 at the beginning of the install to supply the driver.

Best regards
Th. Jalas
Thorsten Jalas - have fun !
Jerry Azevedo_1
New Member

Re: Netserver LPR: disabling RAID

Thanks, Thorsten. This is something I didn't understand, that a RAID controller was an entirely different animal from a "regular" SCSI controller. Your answer gave me a new direction. I will have to open the box and see if there might be some other place to plug in the drives and then find the appropriate drivers.