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Netserver LPr BIOS upgrade

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Netserver LPr BIOS upgrade

I had been getting the typical errors of 0080- and 0090- . I found the following thread of some use.

I was in the process of implementing the BIOS update by running some commands manually. I was able to run flashmmc and sdredit as required. However, upon the next reboot, the server will not allow a boot to the floppy, reporting that 'the processor is not compatible with the system board, reinstall processor and try again.' There wasn't any processor exchanged.

I was using the latest BIOS update for the Netscreen LPr: 4.06.35 PR (7 May 2001)

What are my next steps? Reinstall with an older version of the BIOS (seems unlikely)? In any case, this server is stuck in this loop where I am unable to get past the current processor error. Need some help.