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Netserver LPr questions

Stuart Tener
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Netserver LPr questions

To whom it may concern:

I recently came into two NetServer LPr servers, and would like to make use of them to run Linux and FreeBSD on. That said, I'd first like to get them organized on a hardware level.

Server #1 has the following markings:
D9348-60200 PIII/600 D9348A

Server #2 has the following markings:
D6130-60200 PII/400 D6130A


1) Where can I find documentation for these puppies?

2) The D6130 came with a PII/400 processor in it, yet the D9348 has more RAM and HDs and such in it, but no processors, may I move the PII/400 to the D9348 to get it booted up or will this not work right?

3) Where and how hard is it to find processors for these machines?

4) Are there problems loading current Linux distros (such as CentOS) onto them?

5) Any problems loading FreeBSD (or something such as "FreeNAS") onto them?

6) How does the management port on them work?

7) What are the "gotchas" / disadvantages to these machines?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Netserver LPr questions

These numbers confuse the partsurfer, both lead to old Vectras, none to any LPr?

1)Search HP Support for Netserver LPr und you will end up here:〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64180&taskId=101&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=50440

2)Should be no problem. Don't forget to move the VRMs as well.

3)Allmost any 100MHz CPU will do. If you want the original heatsink have a look at epay.

4)Mine is running Ubuntu fine.

7)Onboard Graphics is limited to 1MB (or 2 with the optional upgrade. If you want a GUI you need to install a PCI grapics.
Installing non HP branded memory will cause a bootup error that can be bypassed. This may be nasty if you plan to run the box remote. Otherwise allmost any PC100 registered ECC up to 256MB works. (but no 133MHz)
Stuart Tener
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Re: Netserver LPr questions

Dear Sir:

I have no idea why they confuse a partsurfer (or even what that is), but these are indeed the numbers printed on the label on the side of the NetServer LPr boxes.

In regards to item #1, this is some sort of other server that is a tower, mine looks nothing like this. It is a 2U box, and says "NetServer LPr" on the front of it. After having read the totality of your email, I am concerned you might be presuming I have different hardware, and be misadvising me.

In regards to item #2, you state "Should be no problem." OK, but how did you set the board for a 400MHz Pentium 2 CPU, when the CPU settings on the D9348A start at 500MHz? Does that not strike you as strange sir?

In regards to item #3, you discuss a heatsink, hmm...these are "slot based" pentium 2 processors, so I am confused as to how one would put a heat sink on them.

You sound like you have experience with these boxes, but I am concerned to power on the D9348 with the D6130 processor in it, given the discrepancies in your reply.

I hope it is just me being paranoid, but if you could get back to me that'd be great.


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Re: Netserver LPr questions

1)The LPr is indeed a Rack model as u see on the r. Look for the Quick service Reference Guide lpn11642.pdf (attached)or the installation guide lpn10888.pdf in the user guide section of the linked page. Make sure yours is a LPr not a LP1000r or LP2000r, these are different models. Check out to find out what it is.

2) Indeed strange, the manual shows 350 to 550, but maybe they changed it due to CPU availiability? Just swap the memory and HDDs the other way round.

3) Sure they are slot based, but even these need Heatsinks and cooling. Not every P2/P3 Heatsink will physically fit the machine.

6) you can connect the management console to a RS232 Terminal (-emulation) or a modem for remote management of the machine. I did't try this myself yet.