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Netserver LX Pro and Windows 2000

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Netserver LX Pro and Windows 2000

I've been trying to reinstall Windows 2000 Server on an LX Pro server without any luck(dual 166 Pentium Pro/128mb/HPDA controller w 4gb HDDs running at RAID1) . I had installed 2000 previously on it and it ran fine. Now when I re-install 2000 (I already did reset the array and create it from scratch) I get a disk read error message and I cannot continue. Could a drive have gone bad? During the boot up process the Mylex adapter does say that both it and the drives are functioning properly. I have already updated the BIOS on all possible devices from the previous installation (which worked fine for 2 years). We did have a problem with overheating in the server closet when the air went down which is why I shut the server down. After that I had corrupted info on the drives which is why I reformatted and started over.

Any ideas as to why the drive will not boot after copying the 2000 server installation files (drive formatting and file copying succeds and then they system reboots to begin installation). This is when I see the disk read error occurs. Any help anyone?