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Re: Netserver Lc 2000 Drive failiures

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Netserver Lc 2000 Drive failiures

At my current location i have a selection of netservers that were purchased at a similar time so have a similar specification. Unfortunately over the last month one server has had a drive fail in the raid 5 and another has had this happen twice. The current setup is that the drives are RAID 5 and each server needs a reboot to be able to rebuild the drive. I am now getting concered that this could be a known problem and that my other critical servers could be affected any help is appreciated.


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Re: Netserver Lc 2000 Drive failiures

Hi Philip,

It is a good move to look for a proactive solution for you current issue.

Depending on your Operating system on the specific server with drive failure you can download a utility that will help you rebuild the failed drive while server is up and running (Unless your Operating system is in the same RAID 5 and 2 hard drives fail at the same time--the server should be able to get in to the operating system)

At this point I don't know what kind of raid controller you have and what operating system you are running in the server. But if you come back with the operating system raid controller type you are using you will get an answer from in this forum where to download the utilities.

Apart from that, here are something you might have to do to prevent hard drive failure,

1. Depending on the raid controller you are using upgrade the firmware on the raid controller--Link below containes different raid controller firmware〈=en&cc=us&swEnvOID=54
2. Upgrade the firmware on the hard drives
Hard drive firmware can be found from this link (I recommend to use the ISO CD Image from this link below)〈=English&pnameOID=19319&prodSeriesId=65146&prodTypeId=329290&basePartNum=COL5687&locBasepartNum=ns-18695-1&os=Cross+OS&tech=Utility
3. Make sure you are using the latest driver for the raid controller you are having. You can download latest driver for the controller from this link〈=en&cc=us
Select the operating system you are having and select the appropriat driver ver

4. Upgrade the firmware on the drive cage backplane (the latest for this server is A.10.23) which could be downloaded from〈=English&pnameOID=62573&prodSeriesId=62572&prodTypeId=15351&basePartNum=ns1546&locBasepartNum=ns1546en&os=Cross+OS&tech=Firmware
5. Also it is important to update the BIOS which could be dwonloaded the from this link (Make sure to find out if your server is U3 or U2 and download the right BIOS for your server--If you are not sure on the server type chack the BIOS ver on BOOT and look at the last two letters after the BIOS ver and make sure you got the one that looks like yours and is latest)〈=en&cc=us&swEnvOID=54
6. Make sure if you ahve any media failure on each hard drives in the array

I hope this will help

Amha Kassa