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Netserver Lc 2000

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Netserver Lc 2000

Hi Everybody,

How to Take out Hot Swap Hard Drives on HP Netserver LC 2000?

I Tried to take out from drive bay but those are very tight. even if followed the HP Manual also "how to remove Hot Swap Storage Devices" that also cannot help. I am affriad if pull out the latch from that certain resistance that can be broken.

Pleae someone help me becaue that drive has Important data.

Appreciate if someone could help me


kris rombauts
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Re: Netserver Lc 2000


pushing on the blue tab and then lifting the hotswap disks lever should be fairly easy and not ask for excessive force.

What might be the problem here is that the disk drive cage is locked using the keylock.

Check for a set of keys at the back of your server and unlock the disk bay.
The keys are standard so any key from a simmilar Netserver with such a disk drive cage will work to unlock.

Sean T. Craig
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Re: Netserver Lc 2000

Hi Mohan,

Another thing to consider is that if you attempt to remove a drive when the cage is locked, the mechanism may get stuck. The only way to correct this is to remove the screws from the front of the cage, and possibly one more inside the server, and slide the whole cage forward until you can see the lock mechanism. You may need to use a flat screwdriver to force the gears on the lock to mesh with the bolt. In worst-case scenarios, I have seen it necessary to physically break the lock off in order to move the bolt to the unlock position.

Let us know how that works,

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