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Network Card Failure

Ishmeal Miller
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Network Card Failure

I have several DL380 G3's running Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP3 and 4. The network cards on them (HPNC7781) have been failing causing them to just fall off the network. They are unpingable and stay down until you reboot. All of the other networking is up, you can connect through the backup network or i-lo, if you connect and ping out, it slowly pings out the backup card. We have about 50 of the g3's only a few of them are failing, we tried to trend it and we find only two similarities, the hardware and the fact that they are running a Domino program called PIMS. These are the only servers I have ever seen do this. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My thinking was that it was an application issue and that possibly the app was flooding the card and shutting it down. Any ideas at this point would be greatly appreciated. The problems happen at different times on different days, there are different service packs, different subnets and different Domino versions (same PIMS version). Anyway I'm pretty much at a loss, I keep blaming the application, but I'd hate to be giving them a wrong answer.
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Re: Network Card Failure

Try download new drivers of February 2005
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