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New ProLiant ML350 G4 SCSI Port Errors

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New ProLiant ML350 G4 SCSI Port Errors

I've got a brand new ML350 G4 with a 621 array controller. Raid 5 array and all other functions are perfect - no problems at all. I have an AIT 3 Drive sitting on one of the on board SCSI ports (Internal) and am getting Windows NT SCSI Port Errors all over the place when using ARCserve. I have changed the cable 3 times (as this has fixed a similiar problem before) but now the drive is Offline. I suspect that a reboot may cure the offline problem but I am worried that I have a motherboard problem. Is there anything I can do other than call HP / use an PCI Card (which I have now bought to test)? Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Re: New ProLiant ML350 G4 SCSI Port Errors

I assume you are familiar with Arcserve and that you must disable the tape drive in device manager.
Can you use NTbackup to see if you get SCSI errors there as well?
Try using a PCI SCSI adapter to determine whether it is the on board SCSI. I have had to replace new MBs before because of this problem.
Also, if the drive is offline in Brightstor, you should be able to bring it online by right-clicking on the drive and choosing "online" and/or restarting the tape service.
If the drive is still enabled in device manager it will (or should) show up as offline in Arcserve.
One last thing: Make sure the removable storage service is disabled.