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Newby : Compaq Proliant 3000 problems

manish r
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Newby : Compaq Proliant 3000 problems


I've just been given a Compaq Proliant 3000 server. It's got a PII processor running at 300 Mhz, and 7x SCSI 9.1 GB Drives installed.
I don't know anything about these.
So was wondering if anyone could help with some information and advice on the following.

On power up the following fault was described:

1. 172-EISA Configuration Nonvolatile Memory invalid.
Installation Aborted

2. 172-1 Configuration Non Volatile Ram invalid

3. 162 - system not set

4. 1777- Slot 3 Diver Array Problem was detected, which reported a cable fault.

on checking the cable I discovered there was a bent pin on the scsi connector which I bent back. This fault has now disappeared.

5. 1785 Slot 3 Drive Array not configured.
Run Compaq Array Configuration Utility.

After clearing fault 4., faults 1., 2., 3 and 5 remain.

The questions I have are:
1. How I can clear these faults ?.
2. Could I run Linux on this server ?
3. Any specific Linux distribution ?

4. I have a CobaltRaQ3 server running a AMD K6-2 300 Mhz processor in a 1U form Factor, it's quiet and takes about 30Watts of power where as this Proliant server also running at 300 MHz is drawing a whopping 750 Watts.

Question is, even if I could manage to get it working and configured with a OS, in terms of performance does it have any advantages over the Cobalt Raq3 ?

thanks in advance for you help.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor