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Nic Teaming Ip Configuration Script

mark q
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Nic Teaming Ip Configuration Script

Hi Everyone,

I wrote this script because I'm sick of having to re type in all of the ip information and settings every time I setup a team

tested on 32 bit standard, enterprise, 64 bit standard / enterprise

You must build the team before you run this!

this will
- ask you for the ip address
- ask you for the subnet mask
- ask you for the default gateway
- rename the team to "Public Team" or whatever you want
- adds whatever dns servers you want (up to 3)
- adds whatever wins servers you want (up to 2)
- fills in whatever dns suffixes you want (in the right order)
- enable netbios over tcpip (or not if you don't want it to)

'first section searches for the team by the adapter type
'after it finds this adapter it will change the team name to public team (or whatever you want)
'all you have to do if you want your team named something else just change this line objItem.Name = "Public Team" to whatever you want
'after that you will get prompted for the ip address and subnet mask and default gateway
'change strdns1= your dns server
'change strdns2= your second dns server
'change strdns3= your third dns server if you have one
'change strwins1= your wins server
'change strwins2= your second wins server
'change the arrDNSSuffixes = Array("", "", "", "") to your dns suffixes
'change iNetBios= your netbios settings
mark q
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Re: Nic Teaming Ip Configuration Script

uh oh forgot to change the local area connection name - changed in this version

This will also rename the nic team to Public team or whattever you want.