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Nic Teaming Not Working as Advertised


Nic Teaming Not Working as Advertised

We have created a 2-NIC team based on a dual-port NC7170 GB adapter using the very latest firmware and drivers. The team is connected to a Cisco 4006 switch. We are using Switch-assisted Load Balancing with Fault Tolerance (SLB) along with Automatic selected for the Tranmist Load Balancing Method.

This issue is that when the team is under load and we are looking at the Team Utilization within the HP NCU, we only see data passing thru one of the NICs and not both. There is a very minimal amount passing thru one nic (about 1.5 kbps) but nothing like what we are seeing on the other nic (which is at several Mbps).

We had this setup previously with 3 NICs and had exactly the same results - 1 NIC was under load while the other 2 did little to nothing.

Any ideas as to what is wrong here or what we can do to get this working properly?

Occasional Advisor

Re: Nic Teaming Not Working as Advertised

Hi carl,

I feel the issue is with the Cisco Switch as SLb should have the switch supporting the same. Also with the information I have refered to CISCO site they have mentioned that CISCO 4006 switch will support IEEE 802.3ad with future release of software. IEEE 802.3ad is a feautre which is required for SLB. Check if your switch is updated with ths protocol support and let me know.
Also as U have enabled SLB with TLb and the switch you use is an intelligent switch the the TLB feature will not get automatically enabled.
If you want to check the NIC teaming functionality then I would request you to change the current NIC teaming setting to only TLB and see if transmitting of data from all the nic's happen. ( TLB doesn't support receiving on all nic's ). Also with the current configuration can you let me know what is the status of receive on all nic's in the team.

Revert with further information.


Guruprasad SP